Snowmobiling in the Moosehead Lake Region

Posted by on January 2, 2012

     Let me begin by saying I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas & I hope you have an even better new year! If you are looking to be more adventurous in the New Year, what better way to start it off then by coming to the Moosehead Lake region to go snowmobiling?! The Moosehead Lake region offers over 500 miles of scenic riding and connects to the Maine Interconnecting Trail System for people who want to explore other parts of Maine, New Hampshire, and Canada. You can view a detailed trail map of the area further down in this blog or for a downloadable copy you can visit our website –

      For your convenience, many local businesses offer snowmobile and equipment rentals. If you’d like to bring your own sled, some businesses offer repairs, as well as heated storage. For newcomers, some of these agencies also offer a few minutes of instructions on how to use the machines.  Below is a list of places to rent from and their pricing.

Business Name: Location: Phone: Rates: Comments:
The Birches Resort Rockwood, Maine (800)825-wild $175-225 per day No night riding; 7:30am – 4pm rental time; heated storage for personal sleds.
Cozy Moose Lakeside Cabins Greenville, Maine (207)695-0242 Call for information  
Kokadjo Cabins & Trading Post Kokadjo, Maine (207)695-3993 Call for information Fuel, oil, belts, etc. available
New England Outdoor Center Millinocket, Maine (800)766-7238 Call for information  
North Country Rivers Bingham, ME (800)348-8871 Call for information  
Northern Outdoors The Forks, Maine (800)765-7238  Call  for information Over 30 sleds!
Northwoods Outfitters Greenville, Maine (866)223-1380 Call for information Free unlimited miles, free trail map, free full face helmet, etc.
Moosehead Motorsports Greenville Junction , Maine (207)695-2020 Single and 2-up sleds – $200  
Moosehead Sled Repair & Rental Rockwood, Maine (207)534-2261 $165-185 Multi-day rentals & half day rentals available

        Aside from rental services, guides and tour services are available as well. Below is a list of businesses that offer such services in the Moosehead Lake area.

Business: Location: Phone:
The Birches Resort Rockwood, Maine (800)825-wild
Gray Ghost Camps Rockwood, Maine (207)534-7362
Higgins Guide Service Beaver Cove, Maine (207)514-0243
Moose Mountain Inn Greenville, Maine (207)695-3321
New England Outdoor Center Millinocket, Maine (800)766-7238
Northern Outdoors The Forks, Maine (888)770-7533
Northwoods Outfitters Greenville, Maine (800)223-1380

       If you are considering sledding in the area, don’t forget to register your sled if you have one. Resident registration is $33 plus a $1 agent fee. These registrations are valid for a year. Non-residents have three options. The first two are available for purchase more than once in any season. These registrations include a 3-consecutive-day registration for $43 plus a $1 agent fee, a 10-consecutive-day registration for $58 plus a $1 agent fee, or a full season registration, which is available for $68 plus a $1 agent fee.  For more information about registration you can visit You can also visit for a list of towns in Maine where registrations are available.

      Along our trail system are numerous stops for lunch, snacks, restrooms, and fuel. Here is a detailed map of the area that points out local trails and stops along the way.

2012 Moosehead Lake Region Snowmobile Map

      Like other recreational activities, snowmobiling does have laws and regulations that you are required to follow. On Maine trails there is no speed limit. However, everyone needs to be considerate of others and use their best judgment. Do Not put yourself or others at risk for injury. Pay attention to snow conditions and conditions of the trail. Watch local news channels for weather updates, and also visit these websites for more information on conditions ( ; ). Please slow down when you meet fellow sledders on the trail, as well as when you are turning corners, go over bridges, or find rises in the trail. If you cannot control your sled enough to keep it to the right hand side of the trail and stop safely, you are driving too fast and recklessly. Another rule to keep in mind is to use hand signals when on the trails to communicate with other sledders. Here is a chart to help you learn the different hand signals used today.  

Snowmobile Hand Signals

        There are also numerous snowmobile clubs located in the area that you can join to make your snowmobiling experience even more enjoyable. This option may be something for the more avid snowmobiler to consider. However, the clubs do have weekly trips they offer to beginners to introduce them to the sport and get them comfortable and familiar with machines and trails. These clubs also offer events to join with fellow sledders and discuss the sport you all love so much. Some also offer clubhouses for meetings and food to warm your bellies after a long day of sledding. Here is a list of local clubs with their phone numbers so you can call if interested to get more information about fees or other questions you may have.

Club: Location: Phone:
Blue Ridge Riders Snowmobile Club Rockwood, Maine (207)534-7362
Coburn Summit Riders Parlin Pond, Maine (207)798-1403
E-ville Riders Snowmobile Club Elliotsville Twp., Maine
Forks Area Snowmobiling The Forks, Maine (800)727-4379
Greenville ITS Grooming Greenville, Maine
Maine Snowmobile Association Augusta, Maine (207)622-6983
Moosehead Riders Snowmobile Club Greenville, Maine (207)695-4561
New England Outdoor Center Millinocket, Maine (800)766-7238
North Country Rivers Bingham, Maine (800)348-8871
Northern Outdoors The Forks, Maine (800)765-7238
Wilsons on Moosehead Lake Greenville Jct., Maine (207)695-2549

         Depending on what kind of vacation you are looking for, we have many accommodations to choose from. If you are looking for extravagant and elegant lodges, we have them. Or if you’re looking for quiet and quaint locations, we have those too. We have everything you are looking for in your winter wonderland getaway. Please contact us for a vacation guide to view a detailed list of the many lodges and hotels we have to offer at (888)-876-2778 or visit our website .

          So whether you are a passionate snowmobiler or a beginner, the Moosehead Lake area has a great selection of activities to choose from. Contact us for more information or questions you may have about creating the perfect snowmobiling vacation for you and your family and friends. Also visit our Facebook and Twitter accounts to see what upcoming winter events and activities may interest you!

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    I admit, it was beutuifal up there, though I didn’t get much time to spend in the woods. Soon, I’ll get back out there for a few days of fishing and hiking!