Northwoods Wellness Collective

A community collective in the Moosehead Lake region for people interested in fitness and wellness through outdoor adventures!

Northwoods Wellness Collective is an informal group of active indivudals who organize hikes and outdoors adventures on and around Moosehead Lake. We invite you to join us!

Visit our Facebook page to stay up to date with events, view event photos and communicate with other outdoor enthusiasts. We encourage everyone to share their hiking adventures with us! If you have a hike planned and would like some company, let us know and we will gladly add it to our events page. Also, let us know what hikes are on your bucket list! 

Share your photos with us on Instagram too! Tag #northwoodswellness to get reposted!

All of our events are free. Some hikes may have park fees, but we will do our best to share that in the event details. 

These are not guided hikes, just groups of outdoor enthusiasts looking to have a great time together. By attending any of our events, you agree to the Northwoods Wellness Collective's Disclaimer and Release of Liability

Please contact Samantha Coffin at with any questions or to advertise your event. You can also message us on Facebook or Instagram at anytime. 

Upcoming Events:

Mosquito Mountain Hike - May 28th at 10:00AM - More information on Facebook

Indian Mountain Hike - June 18th at 9:00AM  - More information on Facebook

Gulf Hagas - July 2nd at 9:30AM - More information on Facebook

Goodell Falls - July 5th at 10:00AM - More information on Facebook

Little Spencer Hike - July 14th at 9:00AM - More information on Facebook

Summer 2017 Hike Plans:

  • Big Spencer Mountain
  • Chairback Mountain
  • Borestone Mountain
  • Little Moose Mountain
  • Mount Kineo
  • Twin Falls