The Moosehead Region is a world-class snowmobiling destination. Being inland and in the mountains ensures that the snowfall is early and plentiful. Five snowmobile clubs and a loyal group of groomers keep hundreds of miles of local trails well marked and in top condition providing you with a smooth ride.

The Moosehead Trail offers 160 miles of spectacular and scenic riding, with stops for coffee, lunch, and gas along the way. The local trails join the Maine Interconnecting Trail System for those avid riders who want to explore other parts of Maine, New Hampshire, and even ride into Canada.

Towns along the trail system welcome snowmobilers, and provide ample opportunity for lodging, refreshments, and shopping. Arctic Cat, Yamaha, and Ski-Doo dealers and repair shops are located in Greenville. Guide services, equipment rentals, and advice on good rides are available in many local establishments. The best ride of your life may be a thrilling guided off-trail ride that will take you where no tracks have ever been. Trail condition reports are easily accessible and will help you ascertain the safety of the ice on the many ponds and lakes crossed by the trails. The most reliable conditions are from January to mid March, but this does vary depending on annual snowfall.