Canoeing, Kayaking, and Rowing

The Moosehead Lake Region has more fresh water to wander in than any other location throughout the state of Maine. Lakes, rivers, and ponds are scattered throughout the region, offering many places to paddle.

Pristine ponds are fun to explore---when paddling in the early morning or at dusk you are likely to catch a glimpse of a moose. Moosehead Lake, scattered with islands, coves and peninsulas creates an exciting, multi-day journey for experienced paddlers. The waters of Moosehead can change very quickly so be aware of the conditions.

If you are seeking privacy and solitude for canoeing and kayaking, scores of smaller lakes, ponds and rivers await you. Some of our favorites are the Wilson Ponds, Prong Pond, First Roach Pond, Brassua Lake, Mountain View Pond, Sawyer Pond, and Indian Pond. These all offer public launching sites. Please note that Sawyer Pond has a 150' carry in. For those who would like to experience the beauty and tranquility of quietly gliding across a pond and getting close to the wildlife that calls this area their home, you may rent equipment at local shops in town. Some offer pick-up and delivery service to your destination.

A serene and scenic day trip down The West Outlet of the Kennebec River will reward you with good fishing and wildlife viewing. This trip requires that you have a shuttle service at the end, from Indian Pond back up to the head of the river on Route 15. The West Branch of the Penobscot River offers options for two to seven day camping trips. This river meanders through some of the most beautiful and pristine wilderness in the country. It takes you to remote lakes such as Lobster Lake and Chesuncook Lake, which boasts a small village of hardy Mainers who can only get to their homes by boat or seaplane. There are several places on the West Branch for putting-in and taking-out, but the best trips involve a shuttle service or a guide service. Land use gate fees are charged for travel over timber company lands to get to some of these destinations.

 There are also canoeing and kayaking races on the Piscataquis River and Moose River in the spring. See the Events Calendar for details.