Moosehead Lake - For those who enjoy boating on fresh water, Moosehead Lake offers the most spectacular location in all of New England. 40 miles long with literally hundreds of miles of shoreline and over 300 islands, the lake boasts some of the finest scenery, private protected cover, crystal clean water, and unparalleled adventure available anywhere in the northeast.boating on moosehead lake

Because of the tremendous amount of space available, boat traffic on the lake is sparse. You can spend a day on Moosehead and feel like you are the only person on the water. Nevertheless, boats of all sizes can be found, from large, three deck cruisers and sail boats to small canoes and fishing boats. Along the shore, there are numerous picnic and camping areas accessible only by boat. Since there is no mooring law, you may drop anchor or spend the night provided you are not infringing on someone's privacy on shore and that you pose no hazard to navigation.

The boating season runs from Memorial Day through early September. Water temperatures in the summer often rise into the lower 70s providing excellent swimming. Full lake levels occur at the beginning of the season, with the annual drawdown commencing in mid August. By late fall, the lake is usually down at least three feet so some caution is required in shallow bays or coves. The lake is adequately marked with hazard buoys, but only beyond 200 feet from the shore. If you venture in closer to shore, we recommend that someone be in the bow to check for any random rocks or hazards. Public Launching facilities are available in Greenville Junction, Lily Bay State Park, Rockwood and Seboomook. Marinas offer docking facilities, and some of the lakeside resorts and restaurants offer docking and decks.

Moosehead can also rear up and bite you. Due to its size, wave heights can exceed 5 feet in windy weather, and the lack of traffic means that you may find yourself all alone if you get into trouble. We strongly recommend that you use caution when wind speeds are forecast to be high or when the skies darken, signifying an approaching front.

Other Lakes and Ponds - If you are seeking privacy and solitude for canoeing and kayaking, scores of smaller lakes and ponds await you. Some of our favorites are the Wilson Ponds, Prong Pond, First Roach Pond, Brassua Lake, Mountain View Pond, Sawyer and Indian Pond. These all offer public launching; please note that Sawyer Pond has a 150' carry in. For those who would like to experience the beauty and tranquility of gliding across a pond and sneaking up on the wildlife that calls this area their home, you may rent equipment at local shops in town. Some even offer pick-up and delivery service to your destination.

Regardless of the size of your boat, there is abundant room for you to enjoy the Moosehead Lake area, a true boater's paradise. With the largest body of water east of the Mississippi you can row, paddle, sail or motor anything your heart desires!

Click here for Ice Out Dates on Moosehead Lake 1848-2010 (pdf file).