The Moosehead area has a wide variety of interesting and fun terrain for both novice and experienced bikers. There are simple, easy going trails for the whole family as well as more challenging trails for the serious rider. Mountain paths, former railroad beds, forgotten lanes and roads meander around our many rivers, lakes and bogs. The same trails take you through our woods, forests and fields, which are filled with beautiful sights and plenty of wildlife!

You can certainly see amazing vistas, wonderful wildlife, and fabulous fauna (if you take your time) or you can catch the wind and feel your heart racing on a glorious descent from some of our mountains! No matter your style or your desire you are sure to find some great treks up here in the Northwoods.

Just remember, once you get on your bike and head out of town, there isn't much except what nature has to offer so play it safe and:
   - Don't ride alone.
   - Tell someone where you're going.
   - Be prepared, have a map, know where you're going – it’s EASY to get lost.
   - Cell phone reception is NOT guaranteed. Don't count on it working!
   - Make sure your bike is in good condition with tires properly inflated.
   - Carry a tool kit and a patch kit with spare tubes.

A delightful ride for the whole family starts in Downtown Greenville, goes to Greenville Junction and follows an old railroad bed to Shirley, where you can grab a snack at the General Store before you head back to Greenville.

Tour de Moose Event: Held each year during the last weekend of May and/or beginning of June, this two day event is great for the whole family. Serious competitors can measure their worth against the trails and time! Others ride to improve their riding or just have fun. Different courses are used each day, run between 18 and 25 miles and may include mud, hills, rocks, branches and a whole lot of fun and excitement! There is also a less difficult course offered for younger riders. Please see the Events Calendar for schedule.